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The IC blog of my WrA toon. Do not use any info without my agreement. FC: Maria Amanda 

Anasuya Crimsontide



The work never ends…..

A slow breath in…and out.

She drew out a single straight line.

In and out

Another line moves across the page.

In and out.

Her eyes shot open, the design flowing through her mind as her hand moves furiously, and within seconds a picture formed. Three circles surrounded three triangles, symbols and characters, runes and phrases, all of which come together in a stunning fashion. Tapped into her arcane magic, Anasuya created a scroll of massive power. Her eyes seemed bluer than usual, as if the arcane and the frost meshed in her iris, the blue glowed bright purple as she put the finishing touches on her work.

With a harsh breath the light dimmed from her eyes, and she looked down at the product of her creation. Taking a moment to clean the sparkling ink from her hands, Ana allows the parchment to dry. “That should finish this order…” She announces to herself as she looks to the next order, and a stack of requests looming over her.

“I shall see the sunshine another day.” She says defeated in her tone, before setting the finished scroll aside and begin the next one.