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The IC blog of my WrA toon. Do not use any info without my agreement. FC: Maria Amanda 

Anasuya Crimsontide

Tiral and Error?

Half a dozen tomes lay open upon the floor, loose pages with notes sprawled out, it seemed as if the mage was on the brink of something that had been boggling her for days. Anasuya stands before a great chalkboard, her dress dragging on the the floor and a ribbon tied in her hair. Her hand moves about with broad strokes and furious writing, each motion was a testament to the genius thought process that was fueling her the past several hours.

She was close, the formula was sound, each part had to be precise, but something was missing…Something to stabilize the spell, an anchor of some kind. Each thought flew through her mind, splashing a bit of color onto the canvas of this work of art. “By the Gods…” Her voice was almost a whisper as it dawned on her, the link she needed was in her cabinets the entire time. Her bare feet raced to her storeroom, and she quickly sought out a single vial, its contents named with runes.

“Mother guide me, I hope I am right…” With an excited breath she drinks the contents, and it instantly interacted with her body, a strange glow surrounded her body. “Here goes nothing.” Ana sat at the center of the many open tomes, and began to chant, her mind focusing on a single cause.

Hours passed, and she still sat unmoved, her chant came with raspy breath, but it held strong. Finally after so long, the connection was made, and the spell took action. Her hands now held a strange swirling ball of light, it took all of her power to contain it, the chant turning into a shout of a name.

“Avandth Graeme Shadowfel!” The light paused for a moment before exploding, and knocking Anasuya back. She sat up, dazed and covered in soot. “I hope that worked…. that reagent was very rare…..” Her hand casually wiped away the black sweat from her brow as she pondered on what had happened.




The work never ends…..

A slow breath in…and out.

She drew out a single straight line.

In and out

Another line moves across the page.

In and out.

Her eyes shot open, the design flowing through her mind as her hand moves furiously, and within seconds a picture formed. Three circles surrounded three triangles, symbols and characters, runes and phrases, all of which come together in a stunning fashion. Tapped into her arcane magic, Anasuya created a scroll of massive power. Her eyes seemed bluer than usual, as if the arcane and the frost meshed in her iris, the blue glowed bright purple as she put the finishing touches on her work.

With a harsh breath the light dimmed from her eyes, and she looked down at the product of her creation. Taking a moment to clean the sparkling ink from her hands, Ana allows the parchment to dry. “That should finish this order…” She announces to herself as she looks to the next order, and a stack of requests looming over her.

“I shall see the sunshine another day.” She says defeated in her tone, before setting the finished scroll aside and begin the next one.